2012 - Science Or Superstition?/GH/10

From Organic Design wiki

We can learn from ancient civilisations. And so, I hope I've played some part in re-introducing the wisdom of the ancient world to the modern world and helping people to open their eyes and open their ears and hear what then ancients have to say to us. And more recently also, the recognition that the shamans of tribal and hunter-gatherer societies around the world with their systems and techniques for contacting the spirit realm directly also have a great deal to teach us. And so, I would advocate a kind of reversal of the normal order of things. It's not we, in our scientific and technological world, where everything is rooted and grounded in a material and mechanistic view of the universe, it's not we who may place ourselves above civilisations of antiquity. We may not say that we are greater than, or better than a shaman in a small village in the Amazon. Those civilisations of antiquity and those tribal shamans today have a huge amount to teach us. And we can only recover the better part of ourselves if we are willing to listen to what they have to say. That's what I've tried to do, I've tried to say, this that came before, this knowledge of the spirit world the shamans still possess today, this is what really matters about us - let's listen to it.