2012 - Science Or Superstition?/JMJ/17

From Organic Design wiki

I think that the core teachings are there, and present, in the Maya creation myth, and it does relate to the galactic alignment, it relates to this opportunity that we have to reconnect with our true selves, with the unity consciousness through which we can solve the intractable dilemmas of the world. We have to get back to that unity consciousness and awareness of how we, as individuals, fit into the whole. This is not a call to annihilate the ego or to annihilate our sense of individuality. It's really a call to be aware of our individuality at the same time that we are aware of the larger picture. But it does require that we choose to be actively engaged in the process. It's not something that's going to happen automatically - that's the interpretation of a cop-out or something... We really have to understand that we do have a choice, but we can choose to close down in fear and succumb to the forces of limitation that seek to keep us limited... stuck to our egos. Or we can open up in trust and respect for what is possible.