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An Activity is a log of work done by a role on a particular project or issue. See the log an activity procedure for help on how to use issues and activities.


  • Fields: date, start, end, activity, description, role

Events should also integrate with a schedule solution, but within the context of records they're used to log chargeable hours for the various roles and jobs.

In the case of logging time, a role can filter the event records down to those during a particular time period and for a particular job or client. The total can then be converted to a currency based on the rate the role charges and then a transaction record created to charge the hours to the client's account. An invoice may or may not be sent at that time.

RecordAdmin needs to have some additions for this:

  • Format money and time columns properly
  • Display totals for money and time columns
  • Simple means of multiplying times by charge-out rates
  • Add an action to send results to EmailPage
  • Add an action to generate an invoice

Current structure

Forms & templates

Fields used by activity records

  • Organisation
  • Project
  • Role
  • Date
  • Time (default to start when form loaded/default to end when form saved?)
    • Start/stop
    • Duration (worked out based on start stop, otherwise just fill in duration)
  • User (assigned to/done by)
  • Description
  • Status (defaults to completed)
    • Pending
    • Assigned
    • In progress
    • Completed
    • Invoiced (?)
    • Paid (?)
  • Checkbox: chargeable
  • Hourly rate
  • Select from issues (linking)


  • Current user
  • Current role
  • Current date
  • Status completed

Spec notes