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Here goes information related to creating, displaying, and configuring widgets on a user's desktop, cell phone, ipod, etc that consists of custom-dynamic (user defined data or requests) and static (pre configured) data.

What it is

A dumbed down interface to peer/wiki.

  • widget concept also see tiger dashboard
  • rendered directly to the screen on Linux
  • via browser using flash for OSX and Windows
  • Lets user pick articles they need to see in a dashboard-like environment
  • work with xmlwiki, peer
  • working example
  • widget


3D Desktop

yeah that's a pretty cool way of doing things - would be even better using that style of desktop on a tablet with stylus! --Nad 20:27, 10 October 2007 (NZDT)


  • clear understanding of difference between presentation and contentOrganic Design aims to create create the most outstanding software system in the sustainability space. By using an approach that leverages open standards and avoids vendor or technology-lock-in, we hope to achieve technology independence in order to maximise flexibility and make use of the latest emerging standards.

We are creating a unified organisational system which we will use to maintain a high-level overview of the entire operations of any organisation, allowing peers to respond to developments with unprecedented effectiveness. This system allows an integrated view and management of all IT software, data and hardware resources. Using an holistic view of the data and resources of the organisation, members will be able to bridge the gap between IT and application development and organisational development, creating software applications that precisely mirror the organisational structure and support operations.

However, the concept that holds it all together is relatively simple. An Organic Ontology is the entry point to a series of portals, which in turn are entry points to various kinds of structured data the organisation uses. This structure can be held within MediaWiki as demonstrated on our demo wiki. However, we are in the process of moving the entire structure to the latest XMPP-based technology. [edit]

  • work with wiki/xmlwiki, peer
  • peerd in place for any of this to be testable.

Can it?

  • if you "flip" the widget over, it does the schnazy 3D turn and shows me config option for that widget+article
  • when user update the config options in the widget, it updates the wiki article(s) if required


  • The interface is the highest priority component of peerd, which we (User:Nad & User:Rob) will begin working on as soon as the peerd execution environment is running. (in fact a lot of code has already been worked out and tested for the SWF and SDL interface environments)
  • Currently I am merging the peerd nodal code with the wikid scheduler so I can begin design of the nodal components. The work involves as much research and learning as actual programming, and so are unpredictable - but all development is carried out with a sense of urgency as we all need the tools Nad 13:55, 9 Feb 2006 (NZDT)