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by Gordon Israel, 5 Nov 2008

Start your own Social Credit ledger

If you find yourself in a position where, after having done any or all of the above, you are unable to meet your basic costs of living, then it is time to access your birth certificate as the security to obtain an interest-free loan. This is done through Work and Income (or “WINZ”), who administer the Social Security Act 1964.

When you were born, your parents applied for a Birth Certificate. What they were not told was that the birth registration created a trust relationship with the government as the Trustee and you as the beneficiary. Knowing that you would one day grow up and become competent to manage your own affairs, they made this a peculiar type of trust known as a “Cestui Que Trust”. In simple English, this type of trust is one where the adult beneficiary gives instructions to the Trustee. So rather than walking into WINZ, cap in hand, thinking you are asking for a hand-out, approach them with the knowledge that you are merely asking for access to the trust account that has been yours all along.

Rather than applying for one of their “benefits”, which you may not even qualify for, simply apply for “Accommodation Supplement” and/or “Temporary Additional Support”. This will get you in the system and get the process started. As with everyone else, WINZ will automatically try to “pay” you in the form of bank credit.

If you allow them to do so, by giving them a bank account to pay into, then you do become a bludger on the system, as so many accuse WINZ beneficiaries of being. It is the accepting of bank credit, which requires the government to issue yet another interest bearing bond that causes the problem. The application for credit from your birth certificate does not cost anyone. It is an interest-free loan that you can repay at your leisure. Used properly, the Cestui Que trust arrangement is a powerful remedy against private credit, but it should never be misused to obtain private credit. If youhave heard of the “UCC Redemption” theory and its offshoots, this is the mistake that they make.

So insist that WINZ pay you only in accordance with the Wages Protection Act 1983. You will know if you have succeeded if they do not try to take out any deductions. You will also find that they have wider latitude in how much they can provide when it does not have to be borrowed from the bankers. All the rules limiting amounts they can pay are written to limit the amounts that must be borrowed into existence from private bankers. If they instead create a no-interest debt instrument at your request, then more “money” is in circulation without impoverishing or bankrupting anyone!

While the average WINZ employee will have no idea what you are talking about, it should also be possible to use your WINZ account to keep track of “Social Credits” in the same manner as the five castaways were taught by Tom on Salvation Island. Just ask WINZ how you can credit the account of another WINZ beneficiary and how they can credit your account. Now you can pay anyone else in the WINZ system and they can pay you. Paying people in this manner is a form of actual payment, as it is backed up by your labour. Most importantly, not one penny of private bank credit has to be created in order to pay others in this manner. Every resident in New Zealand qualifies for a WINZ account, so you can do business with the whole country this way.

We all benefit when you use your WINZ account as described above. It immediately solves the “credit crunch”, because you can bring new credit into being that is not getting sucked back out of circulation by taxes and interest payments. We do not have to wait for the bankers to make new loans. We do not have to go further into debt, either individually or as a nation. This is a revolution unlike the world has ever seen, and if it comes from an educated people at the grassroots, then it will be unstoppable.

Wake up tomorrow in a different world

You are now aware of the consequences of continuing to play the banker’s game. That game has left us all guilty of usury and the fraud of giving false measure. If you are one who thinks you have done OK because you have accumulated lots of private credit, you now know that your illusory “wealth” exists at the expense of your countrymen who borrowed it into existence and continue to pay usury on it. From this unlawful position we are justly exposed to high taxes and bankruptcies. Using private credit carries legal obligations, which will be enforced in our Courts and against which we, having voluntarily chosen to use that private credit, have no real defence. Worst of all, the present monetary system will continue only up to the moment that the bankers wish to collapse it, leaving us all impoverished.

No amount of paper wealth can insulate you from this. Paper fortunes can disappear overnight with stock market crashes and the like. The game is rigged such that the bankers are always in control. If they want it to continue, they will make further loans or write off certain debts. At any moment they can stop the music, calling their loans due, and leaving everybody scrambling for the few chairs that are left. No one should feel comfortable to be left in such a vulnerable position to such a few men. In summary, the remedies are sitting there, ready for you to use. Parliament has given them to us, but not told us how to use them. We can passively accept the present monetary system, or we can use the tools that are available to us today to create a new system in our own lives. We have the ability to structure that system to conform to the ancient monetary laws which lead to prosperity: No usury, just weights and measures, and forgiveness of debts can all be a reality for us today. We have the power to create the future we envision. With the right knowledge and determination, that can be a great future.

So get out and put these tools to work for yourself. Unemploy the bankers. Create your own Social Credit. Know that you are right. Do not take “No” for an answer. Do not give up if you get rebuffed after the first try. Or the second. Send this book on to everyone you know. Teach these principles to your children. Make sure that no matter what happens in the short term, a scam like we have grown up under can never again be perpetrated on our families, or our country, or our planet.

Blessings and God speed,

Gordon, of the House of Israel

5th of November 2008 Anno Domini

The Economic Plan of 1885

Gordon Israel mentions an "Economic plan of 1885" in chapter 3. This document is also discussed by Major Douglass in Social Credit and is actually entitled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It has apparently been proven fake (i.e. not a zionist document), but regardless of its state of authenticity it can now been seen in hindsight that author had remarkable foresight and depth of understanding of the system. Major Douglass talks about it in Part II, Chapter VI (Taxation and Servitude).

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