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A primary obstacle to tyranny is the recognition by enough people of the fact that they are individual rational beings.

The economic, political and social concerns we struggle with today are the result of a plan that was systematically put into practice as of 1776, with the founding of the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria.

This group networked, infiltrated, consolidated and enacted plans that had been in place for much longer periods of time.

They created the hidden infrastructure, secrecy, membership, documentation and blueprints necessary to effectuate what they had hoped would be a global takeover -- in the hopes of declaring a New World Order.

A very important part of this plan, laid out in Adam Smith's 1776 treatise, "The Wealth of Nations", called for the systematic confiscation of the world's gold -- to prevent any competition against a worldwide system of fake, fiat "bubble money."

If they could gain complete control of the money system, they could decide who lived and who died. Who ate and who starved. Who won and who lost.

In addition, this New World Order had a key religious and spiritual component. Quite literally, it would be an attempt to convert everyone in the world, either willingly or by force, to a philosophy known as Luciferianism.

It was believed that the Church would collapse, along with the general social order -- by design -- and in its place, people would accept Lucifer as the unsung hero in this grand cosmic drama.



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