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KlickEx brings banking systems in different countries together, to provide a pan-pacific multi-curency clearing network - bringing cheap, instant domestic and cross border remittances to banks, and mobile phones across the South Pacific. We've already brought down banking barriers between communities. Now we're literally bringing countries together too!

  • KlickEx operates an "advanced" settlement system that enables individuals and Partnership Banks to gain access to cross-border Foreign Currency clearing facilities. It enables rapid foreign exchange settlement between accounts (delivering cleared funds across currencies in seconds), and micro-manages standing orders (for foreign exchange) as little as $1.00. The network is independently regulated, and is currently deployed in New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.

Market Niche

KlickEx provides three core products to participants:

  • An open access Private electronic market for multi-currency settlements.
  • Instantaneous multi-regional clearing, verification, and order forwarding.
  • Sophisticated cashflow tracking services.

The micro-currency system provides members the facility to move both ultra-low-value and high-value quantities of foreign exchange through the foreign exchange markets - without traditional FX margins.

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