Request remote IT support on Windows XP/Vista

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Procedure.svg Request remote IT support on Windows XP/Vista
Organic Design procedure

If you need someone to look at your computer remotely to set something up or check settings, please follow this procedure to set up access to your computer. This applies to Windows XP and Vista users


You need a functioning Internet connection at the time of initiating remote assistance for this to work.

Procedure steps

  • Download the od-vnc.exe program to your desktop so it can be found easily.
  • Contact IT support, to arrange a convenient time for the connection to be made.
  • At the agreed time, simply double-click the downloaded application "od-vnc.exe" and then double-click "Internet Support" (not the encrypted one).
  • Once the connection has been established, you will see the cursor being moved by the support person. You may want to chat on the phone while this is being done to discuss the problem to be solved.
  • Click "Close" to end the remote support session and regain control of your computer.

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