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New diary format starting 2007

B&B bookings in front of yellow diary marked by pink ribbon.


The B&B consists of two double rooms:

"The Holiday Room"(Yellow) and "The Blue Room"


The usual situation
The usual pricing is $85 for double, $55 for single

Zenia away
This situation indicates a lower-level of service and responsiblity, and comes with two differences to the usual process:
  • The situation needs to be made clear to the guests prior to the decision, so as not to affect the organisation's reputation
  • The reduced level of service and responsiblity equates to a reduction of $10 to the charge per guest (i.e. $75 for double, and $45 for single)
  • The reduced level of service is in the form of guests serving themselves cereal/toast etc for breakfast

Longer stays
For stays of at least a week long, there is a reduction in cost of one day each full week

Processes & Events

A problem has occured

examples:   Inability to respond to phone query   or   Dispute about correct procedure
Determine which roles and processes are involved, then turn to the relevent portion of this document as context for a group discussion. The aim of this discussion is to first gain information together about what the symptoms and causes of the problem are, and then with that information find an answer to the following key question:
What can we add, remove or modify in this part of the document, that sums up the correct actions required by the vaious roles when this kind of dispute occurs?
Answering this question then allows the document to be updated, thereby evolving the operation of the organisation to reduce or remove the effects of this kind of problem.

Booking requests

Check red diary at top of page. Following are the words summing up the possible states of the rooms. The words can be used in combinations with the numbers 1 or 2 meaning the state applies to that many rooms, and yellow(or holiday)/blue meaning the condition applies to that particlular room. Here are the terms
  • Full   The room is unavailable because someone is already staying in it
  • Reserved   The room is unavailable, but nobody is staying in it
  • Empty   The room is available


  • Sunroom plants weekly (Keep sunroom fountain waterlevel just over shiny stones by plant in middle)
  • Big blue pot outside garage area (tree w white & yellow flowers in middle of shell-courtyard thing) watered weekly


  • Kitty There will be extra food in the fridge for her and we will put the vet into the black, just in case-the cage is in the wash-house. Cat litter, there is one tray in our bedroom and one in the sunroom, change weekly or more if required. The cat litter is in the wash-house and fill the tray to about 5 or 6cm. There is an orange fishslice thing you help remove the used stuff, put it straight into the compost bin by the feijoa tree. Replace the newspaper under the trays every so often.
  • Fish: not fed in winter. If water stops running, swap filter (on south side of pond, follow pipe under ferns into water)
  • Tuis: Put out some sugared water for the tuis daily (1 teaspoon of sugar into the small glass, dissolve in a little boiling water, top up and it goes into the glass jar hanging on the kowhai).

Rubish Collection

  • Recyclable: (paper and wheelie-bin), two weekly, marked on calendar with yellow cell background.
  • Rubish bin: every week, put out Sunday night for collection on Monday morning.


Pay kid next door (Daniel is his name).



Cleaning & Washing