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I added the caretaker so we can add tidying and categorisation rules which are applied to all articles on a daily basis. This script is declared on startup of Bender and its main function, caretaker() is called at 6am each morning. It loops slowly through all articles over a period of a a couple of hours so there's no noticable reduction of resource during the process.

Proposed new rules

Convert arrows e.g. --> to →. Need to search for two or more minus symbols (m/\-{2,}>/)

include the cur_is_new,cur_user_text columns in the SELECT FROM cur query in the main loop,
if cur_is_new=0, then SELECT old_user_text FROM old WHERE old_title='$title' ORDER BY old_timestamp LIMIT 1;
  • Categorise items into Category:Articles linking to external news
  • Change http://[www.] to {{SERVER}}
  • Typo's
    • lib → library
    • libs → libraries
  • date: articles
    • Also, by months, year day of week....
  • cat articles using embed
  • cat articles using apply
  • cat articles using document-code table
  • change ampersand articles to "and" (or get & working instead)
  • cat peers and change eg. peer/bender cat to just bender
  • fix sigs?
  • orphans: remove xml orphans
  • change <tt>[[... to svens template

Rules currently in use

  • Changes redundant applies to embeds
  • Removes redundant properties elements
  • Removes empty elements from properties articles
  • Typo's
    • implimentation → implementation
    • dependance → dependence
    • hardwire → hard-wire
  • Formatting
    • Category links
    • Article links
    • Headings
  • Categorisation
    • articles containing maths
    • domain-names articles


how bout marking the edits as minor? --Phalseid 18:36, 24 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Done - I'll just wait until it runs tomorrow to see if its working --Nad 18:53, 24 Oct 2006 (NZDT)