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Compiling... for darwin
In file included from peerd.c:55:
io.c: In function `streamOpen':
io.c:184: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast
io.c:190: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
--Rob 19:35, 21 Aug 2006 (NZST)
Try now - I think that missing struct is in <netdb.h> for *ux --Nad 19:53, 21 Aug 2006 (NZST)

General structure

I'm incorporating the file IO into this script now so its more in line with the final Storage and Distribution concept. I've renamed it to io.c to reflect this more general nature of it (and its less of a mouthfull than storage and distribution). --Nad 16:44, 15 Aug 2006 (NZST)

  • This change requires the PAKSIZE to be dynamic, so it can be specific to media specifications
  • It may require &read()/&recv() to be in the streamInfo structs to be called depening on whether the stream is a file or socket.
  • streamOpen() has been changed to allow a textual representation of the remote resource/peer to be passed with fd<0 so that it will try and resolve the text to a connected fd.