Uncommon Sense

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The State is Out of Date
The invisible power of freedom

byGregory Sams

From anthills to rainforests to galaxies, everywhere else in the cosmos things successfully organize from the bottom up. Yet we continue to expect that the top-down approach of government by force will bring humanity anything more than increasing strife and taxes. This refreshing book focuses upon the incredible and often invisible power of freedom - and the perils of its suppression in our society.

Why is it that the states that we expect to nurture and protect us are themselves the greatest root cause of disorder and strife? Whether confused, bemused or abused by the state of the world, Uncommon Sense will re-assure you that politics is not even the primary game in town, though it may sometimes look like the only one. Funny and convincing, non-violent and hard-hitting, startling and optimistic.

Uncommon Sense is not about politics; it is about not politics.


Multiverse not needed with bottom-up design