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Then definetly complex networks are to be very interesting to you. I am including below an initial list of related publications of mine in areas which I believe are closer to your interests:

  • proposes the use of complex networks as the means for modeling and simulating distributed/grid computing

  • presents a model of knowledge acquisition through random walks on complex networks

  • a critical survey of several measurements which can be used in order to characterize complex networks

  • proposes a gene network controled model for biological pattern formation under geometrical constraints

  • a survey (concentrating on works of mine) about the issue of relating neuronal shape and function through connectivity

  • suggests of model of complex network formation resulting from dynamical interactions between the states of the nodes

  • shows that the channel structure of bones can be modeled as a complex network with specific topological properties

I personally would be interested in anything related to social networks or machine interaction.

  • I have done little work directly related to these interesting issues. I would suggest you have a look at:

which describes a multilevel network for modeling and simulating socioeconomic relationships.