17 May 2015

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Happy Birthday Organic Design wiki!

Organic Design wiki is ten years old today! Rob made the first edit way back in 2005 on this day, when he created the article CD to boot both Mac and PC on our brand new MediaWiki version 1.4! Rob set up the wiki so that we could collaborate on our code and ideas together more easily, and it really made a huge difference to our productivity.

Over the years the wiki has been used for organising our many different concepts and projects such as many MediaWiki extensions, the original nodal network concept, our many documented procedures and even pictures, notes and the odd photo story. It's also been very useful for storing general technical articles such as Nginx and SSL and for documenting jobs such as Google Maps API and Extension:jQueryUpload.

Since I moved to Brazil the wiki has been my main way to keep friends and family up to date with what Beth and I are up to over here, starting with Moving from Curitiba to Canela all the way up to our recent current posts in 2014 Holiday in Brazil and Our third year on the land which both use the Bliki extension to make the wiki work more like a real blog.

Although our main focus is now the land, meditation and related projects such as our rural net connection and our house, I'm still working mainly with MediaWiki for my job and actively developing and maintaining MediaWiki extensions, the most recent being Extension:WebSocket and AjaxComments 2.0.

So Happy 10th anniversary Organic Design wiki, thanks for all your organisation!