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Show/Hide Boxes

Hi Peder, I've added the DynamicNavigation code from WikiNews front page, it involves three parts:

In your wiki the JS and CSS articles contain no other code apart from that required by DynamicNavigation, but when setting it up on a different wiki you may find those articles already populated. If this is the case, just append them with the DynamicNavigation code from the corresponding articles on this wiki. The Dynamic navigation template contains usage instructions.

Language Preference

I've made this quick extension, ExtraMagic, which will add some useful magic words including the current users name, language pref and skin pref. They are accessed with the following magic words:


If you also install ParserFunctions then you can then do conditional content based on lang pref, for example:

<div class="{{#ifeq:{{CURRENTLANG}}|en|english-example|other-langs}}">

which would give the following for english users

<div class="english-example">

or this for everyone else

<div class="other-langs">