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Revision as of 13:01, 6 January 2008 by Sven (talk | contribs) (Restricted special pages error)
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there is something weird going on with the user rights permissions on Special page extensions derived from Template:SpecialPage. This special page does not appear in the list Special:Allpages as a Restricted special page, but if you remove the user rights required to:


SpecialPage::SpecialPage( 'SpecialExample', # name as seen in links etc , # user rights required changed from'sysop' true, # listed in special:specialpages false, # function called by execute() - defaults to wfSpecial{$name} false, # file included by execute() - defaults to Special{$name}.php, only used if no function false # includable ); </php>

the extension now shows up as an unrestricted page --Sven 02:01, 7 January 2008 (NZDT)