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Procedure.svg Install a new server
Organic Design procedure

Download and install Debian

If the server has no OS then download and install Debian first. Depending on the kind of access you have to the server, the following links may be of interest here:

Setting up the software environment

Run through the Debian Post Install to install the software components required by the organisation. After running through the post-install script you will have a functioning server and LAMP environment. In general the post-install script covers the following:

General utilities

  • 7zip, bzip2
  • make
  • htmldoc


  • LAN
  • DNS


  • Webmail (Roundcube)
  • SMTP (Exim)
  • POP (Dovecot)
  • IMAP (Dovecot)
  • LDAP


  • SSL
  • Vhosts



  • SQLite


  • SCP


For distributed backup of servers and workstations

Setting up the Wikia file structure

Either copy the /var/www directory structure from an existing wikia installation (excluding the specific content from the domains and wikis directories). Alternatively, unpack a recent www-yyyy-mm-dd.tgz backup into /var/www and remove specific wiki content.

Next steps