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Useful applications for software DSP

  • Echo cancelling for audio conferencing, kareoke
  • Use of VST plug-ins or other callback based software DSP: Robot voices, vocoder, delay, flanger.

Further research

Open source allback based software DSP. Have found these before.

  • Review notes and links

Hardware sound drivers

Synchonous callback based audio server


Here are some commands that will allow you to test the audio system for correct operation.

  • alsamixer - ANSI GUI to the ALSA mixer controls (VERY USEFUL)
  • lsmod - lists current kernel modules and what they are used for (VERY USEFUL)
  • aplay - play some sound
  • amixer
  • vi .asoundrc - edit the ALSA configuration file usually found in ~
  • lspci - list current PCI interfaces
  • alsactl store|restore - lets you save|load the current ALSA driver settings
  • speaker-test - play some pink noise and cycle through available channels