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Procedure.svg Install a MediaWiki codebase
Organic Design procedure

This article describes installing a new version of the MediaWiki software itself. This is a framework which can be thought of as a class which provides the interface structure and database schema for any instances of the software which are separate evolving databases. This process is also useful for creating a duplicate of an existing codebase for experimentation.

File structure

# Shared extensions dir primarily from OD extensions svn repo then others added from wikimedia etc

# Database dumps used as initial templates for new wikis

# Tools and system-wide OD/Wikia configuration from the OD tools svn repo

# Installed MediaWiki codebases

# Example of template filesystem Symbolic link to common MediaWiki instance
/var/www/wikis/template/wiki -> /var/www/mediawiki-svn/


Download a version of MediaWiki to the server you want to install it on. Using wget on a server to download a version e.g.

cd /tmp
wget --proxy
tar -zxvf mediawiki-1.19.2.tar.gz  
mv /tmp/mediawiki-1.19.2 /var/www

Or if you prefer, obtain the current development version from the Subversion repository:

svn co /var/www/mediawiki-svn

You may like to checkout the source tree of the latest skins:

svn co /var/www/skins-phase3-trunk

Installation steps

  1. Unpack the tar.gz distribution into /var/www leaving the directory name of the version untouched. The config directory must be set to chmod a+w config
  2. Set the /var/www/domains/ symlink to point to the new codebase. If it is a local installation /var/www/domains/setup.localhost and include setup.localhost in your etc/hosts: localhost setup.localhost
  3. A symlink needs to be added in the codebase during initial setup called wiki which points to it's parent, the codebase dir e.g. ln -s /var/www/mediawiki-1.11.1/ wiki
  4. Go to in your browser and run through the install the db user bender, and any template db name (but please note, you must use a table prefix with trailing underscore for add-db to work with it as a template!). Use your own account for sysop rather than "WikiSysop". If it is a local installation http://setup.localhost
  5. Download the LocalSettings.php offered by the installer and copy into the main /wiki directory
  6. Edit the LocalSettings.php file, remove the db user, password and prefix and append to the end of the script: require_once('extensions/wikia.php');
  7. Add symlinks for any required extensions from the shared repository into the codebase's extensions directory.
  8. Run make in the wiki/math directory
  9. Add the DPL DB update shown at DPL:DPL:Manual - Source and Installation (after we figure out why it's not working!)
  10. Create a template database for major releases of MediaWiki (either copy and upgrade an existing template, or add to the base install)
mysqldump -u user -p db-name > /var/www/empty-x.xx.sql
Note: see section below for DB user details

Wiki Database Details

Note that the wiki DB settings are now managed and set from /var/www/tools/wikid.conf, see the wikid.conf.sample file for an example. The wikia.php file which is automatically included in all wikis in the wikia will extract the DB details from the wikid.conf file.


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