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Ingredients for 5L:

  • 600g Sugar
  • 50g tea (20 tea bags of Bell)

First Fermentation

Once you have a mix going (copied from an existing scoby), you will need to bottle the mix and get the first fermentation running again around every week:

  1. Remove scoby and 700ml of liquid and place in separate container.
  2. Stir the remaining liquid to ensure consistency.
  3. Bottle the stirred liquid adding fruit and/or any other flavors.
  4. Clean out the container (that the liquid was in) with white vinegar.
  5. Add sugar to container and dissolve in 1L of boiling water.
  6. Add tea bags and wait 10 mins to brew (no need to stir).
  7. Remove tea bags and add 3.3L cold water and ensure entire mix is cold (not still hot from the boiling water added from an earlier step).
  8. Add your scoby and the 700ml of liquid you placed aside earlier.
  9. Cover and ferment for around 1 week.

Alcohol Content

My initial measure for alcohol content using a hydrometer gave the following result:

5% / 104 / 38