22 March 2006

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3D Space Ready!

The peer interface uses two geometry models, 3DSpace (polar) and BoxModel (rectangular). This 3D Space not only handles the z-ordering and the usual x,y,z → x,y,scale coordinate reduction, but also allows for a hierarchy (tree) of 3D objects who's coordinates and dynamics are relative to their parent. This will allow the construction of a dynamic 3D model of the Nodal reduction algorithm.

  • Nad: A bug that was in the original implementation of the 3D space was finally solved :-) It turns out that ECMA parses the hash-keys as dot-separated paths (due to the mergin of object-model and hash-array-structure in the syntax). The GUID's that were being used for the 3D-object instance names were constructued from Math.random() and contained a decimal point that was being interpreted as a path-separator for the object model. (see actual edit of the horrible bug fix here!)