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Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a peer-to-peer append-only messaging system on top of which a variety networking applications can be built such as the Patchwork social network. Scuttlebutt is able to operate offline and then sync when in the presence of another peer making it perfect for meshing environments, and even supports synchronisation via removable media to work as a "sneakernet". The word "scuttlebutt" is the equivalent of "watercooler" in an office, but applies to boats and ships.


Pubs are permenantly connected peers in the Scuttlebutt network with the job of routing messages and storing them while recipients are offline. The name "pub" was used since they play a similar role to pubs in villages.

A pub can be set up on a server by running the sbot dameon, see these instructions. If you want to run it on an exiting server and avoid version conflicts or other dependency issues, you can use the Docker image as described here. The default port that the pub will run on is 8008.

A list of registered pubs can be found here.

sbot commands

If you're running the Docker image, you can't call the 'sbot daemon directly, you call it as follows instead:

docker run -it --rm -v /home/USER/ssb-pub-data/:/home/USER/.ssb/ -e ssb_host="YOUR-DOMAIN" ahdinosaur/ssb-pub

Find the pubs Scuttlebutt ID:

sbot whoami

Create an invitation to your pub:

sbot invite.create 1

Give your pub a name (see more on updating profiles here):

sbot publish --type about --about @2mIg4e/GO53+hKJBBrn+KZtb+1aMYazb/9FGEHoQp3U=.ed25519 --name