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svn co url

Checkout, creates dir of name url

svn ci -m comment

Checkin - applies to the svn-structure that cwd is in


To create a new repository on the server and import a directory of files;

cd /tmp
mkdir SERVER
svnadmin create /tmp/SERVER/newrepos

Create example file for upload

cd /tmp
mkdir MYTREE
echo '#!/usr/bin/perl -w\nprint "hello world";' > /tmp/MYTREE/
svn import /tmp/MYTREE file:///tmp/SERVER/newrepos/some/project

Listing the contents in the repository;

svn list file:///tmp/SERVER/newrepos/some/project

To make a local copy you need to use the checkout command. This creates a new directory (default called newrepos) which is a local copy of newrepos.

mkdir LOCAL
svn co file:///tmp/SERVER/newrepos/some/project/  # fetches project/
svn co file:///tmp/SERVER/newrepos/some/          # fetches some/project/
rm -rf /tmp/LOCAL  
svn co file:///tmp/SERVER/newrepos/some/project/ /tmp/LOCAL # Creates LOCAL dir

Note: The directory the svn command is run in determines where the local checkout directories and files will end up.

Now that you have created a local copy all work should be conducted within it. There is a hidden directory called .svn which contains all the information required for the svn framework.

cd /tmp/LOCAL # Work in the lcoal copy of svn

To update a file on your LOCAL directory

cd /tmp/LOCAL
svn update # "." is updated 
cd /tmp
svn update /tmp/LOCAL # Sepecifying path

Useful Checking command

svn status /tmp/LOCAL
 L    abc.c               # svn has a lock in its .svn directory for abc.c
M      bar.c               # the content in bar.c has local modifications
 M     baz.c               # baz.c has property but no content modifications
X      3rd_party           # this dir is part of an externals definition
?      foo.o               # svn doesn't manage foo.o
!      some_dir            # svn manages this, but it's either missing or incomplete
~      qux                 # versioned as file/dir/link, but type has changed
I      .screenrc           # svn doesn't manage this, and is configured to ignore it
A  +   moved_dir           # added with history of where it came from
M  +   moved_dir/README    # added with history and has local modifications
D      stuff/fish.c        # this file is scheduled for deletion
A      stuff/loot/bloo.h   # this file is scheduled for addition
C      stuff/loot/lump.c   # this file has conflicts from an update
R      xyz.c               # this file is scheduled for replacement
    S  stuff/squawk        # this file or dir has been switched to a branch

To add a new file to the local svn copy, first make a new file within the directory structure

cd /tmp/LOCAL
echo '#!/usr/bin/perl -w\nprint qq(hello world!);' > /tmp/LOCAL/
svn add

To upload the LOCAL copy changes to the SERVER copy use the commit command

svn commit /tmp/LOCAL