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*Feedback forms (a wiki page?)
*Feedback forms (a wiki page?)
*Email contact
*Email contact
*Wiki cheat sheet to take away
*Parting anecdote / joke
*Parting anecdote / joke
*Wiki cheat sheet to take away
==See also==
*[[MediaWiki_workshop#See also|Some useful links about wiki]]
*General notes on [[Presenting a workshop]]
*Sample [[Workshop Evaluation Form]]

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Complexity can be barrier to use of wiki technology. A wiki workshop aims to bring the accessable aspects of wiki within the grasp of an average person. Initially we would like to present a simple introductory workshop. The topics covered would aim to remove the percieved complexity and encourage students to explore what wiki has to offer.


Computer literate people who are comfortable with a web browser, but may not have used a wiki before.


  • Data projector connected to a machine capable of playing video.
  • Computer lab where each student has their own machine to work on.


  • 50 minutes of time in a computer lab
  • Approx 20-30 students


  • Introductory video of a humorous nature.
  • Gauge experience with wiki
  • Identify people who have wiki experience, in order that they may assist less experienced students to provide better learning support.


  • Success may be measured by some defined set of rules
  • Success is not required for learning to be effective or fun, but is something to strive for
  • Students may need to work together to complete the tasks

Getting started

  • Logging in
  • Trivial but identifies anyone who can not log in, perhaps create account for them (as long as the user name is the UPI this will be ok).
  • Show of hands

A collaborative story

Each student adds their own plot twists and turns

  • Adding content

An adventure game

  • Based around real a life situation that is in some way familar to students and their everyday working enviroment
  • Think of old school text adventures but with hyperlinks instead of text commands
  • Images of real locations familiar to students

Learning more

  • Link to document listing MediaWiki resources and tutorials both internal and external
  • Who to contact for help and advice
  • Examples of the application of wiki technology

Wrapping up

  • Feedback forms (a wiki page?)
  • Email contact
  • Wiki cheat sheet to take away
  • Parting anecdote / joke

See also