02 May 2007

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Calendar updated

The Simple Calendar extension has been updated due to a good idea from a user at mediawiki.org. Firstly it's changed to use named parameters instead of an ordered list as there's a few different parameters available for calendars now. The new functionality added is a parameter called query which allows extra query-string information to be appended to the links for days which don't exist. The main use for this would be to allow some preloaded content in the newly created calendar articles. For example,

{{#calendar: query=preload=Template:NewDay }}

This example uses the new query parameter to pre-load the NewDay template article into newly created dates. It looks a little confusing, but what it's saying is: add "preload=template" to the links.

Also, a format parameter is now allowed to specify the format used for the title of the date articles, see the strftime entry in the PHP manual for details on how to specify date formats.

The Organic Design news has been adjusted so that the Create news template is preloaded into newly created dates to save on typing or remembering the news template syntax.