06 December 2006

From Organic Design
Happy Recursive-rectangles Day everyone!

The recursive rectangles milestone is complete, although it does still have a intermittent crashing problem but its more rare now. During the process of developing peerd.c to this stage, there have been some fundamental issues crop up which need to be addressed before moving on to the next milestone. The main issue regards the way that class-categorisation occurs within loops and to what extent this is handled by nodal reduction and to what extent by nodal structure conventions.

The next milestone is box model which involves extending the current simple "sprite" with filled background and image to work with the fundamental layout associations outlined in geometry. From the geometry, a simple set of widgets will be created which will make up the first peer-based application, the Ultra Changes. The Ultra Changes will also be able to run as a SWF so that it can embed inside web pages and directly replace our recent changes and logo with changes.

  • Download the current version here
  • Note that it is not a bug that existing rectangles change colour when new ones are created