10 April 2007

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Organic Design Wikia

A few of the people involved in Organic Design and related projects have expressed interest in a simple method of maintaining multiple wiki's on one server. So in response to this I'm going to set up Organic Design, Peerix, WikiFS and Zenovia as a single MediaWiki 1.93 which will use different database, extension settings and image files depending on the domain that the requested pages are in.

Managing which wiki's are active, which extensions and features are active within them or creating new ones will be achieved by creating an article containing a filled in wiki template. This template will include fields to enable/disable the wiki, to enable/disable available extensions, specify domain names and their skins and to specify backup schedule and locations. All the current wiki databases will be upgraded to 1.9.3 format, and their tables will be separated out to individual databases so that they can be distributed separately or moved to other hosts more easily.