14 December 2009

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Vanadium form validation

We're now ready to use Vanadium for our form validation, but there are some restrictions due to the dual-use nature of our forms (that the same forms are used for creation, updating and searching for records).

When the form is used for searching no validation should occur because a completely empty form is legitimate for a search query, and also every field must allow regular expression characters when searching.

For this reason the ":only_on_submit" option must be used so that the Vanadium validation only occurs when the form is submitted not dynamically as fields entries are changed. E.g.

<input class=':required :only_on_submit' />

In addition to this, when the form is submitted validation should not occur if it was submitted by the Search button (having id "ra-find"). To do this a patch has been added to the OD JavaScript which is loaded by all OD wikia wiki's.