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An important current issue that we have grave concerns about and which most people are unaware of is the public consultancy that the National government has entered into via the Maori Party with their constituents the Maori people over the selection of a representative Maori flag. This has been touched on very carefully by the main stream media and certain historical facts and details have been either omitted or distorted by the media. This is a matter that will actually impact significantly on all New Zealander's whether they are aware of it or not in the times to come.

The way in which the matter has been treated by the media has resulted in a complaint against TVNZ and Maori TV to the Broadcasting Standards Authority which the authority has already responded to perhaps due to the gravity of the charges. The reason for the complaint is because of the largely unknown importance (due to the medias failure to report the facts) of this public consultancy process and the extremely significant ramifications on all NZ peoples rights inherent in the outcome being the choice of a Maori representative flag. I will explain why this is important to all of us as people of NZ.

The media along with those acting as corporate crown agents such as Peter Sharples, Tariana Turia and others who are carefully promoting and cultivating popularity for the tino rangatiratanga flag as the new Maori representative flag are by doing so failing to act in the interest of their constituents and the people of NZ. They are instead unfortunately proving themselves to be more interested in the pursuit of their own personal well being and by performing tricks for their corporate have made a number of connections with people from whom they expect personal reward they are in essence sadly exposing themselves as traitors to their own whakapapa. Perhaps they may claim ignorance but then it must be said that they have been engaged on these issues and have been provided with the information that I am presenting you with now. What the people of NZ are not being told by their politicians or the media is that through this distorted public consultancy process the tino rangatiratanga flag though it has no greater pedigree in law other than being the winner of an art competition from the early nineties will be legitimised as a result of bias promotion by the crown and it's subsidiaries unless the matter is properly exposed.

By becoming legitimised and officially recognised and sanctioned as the new Maori representative flag the tino rangatiratanga flag can legally override the existing Maori representative flag and original national flag of NZ the Declaration of Independence flag 1835 which in contrast upholds by virtue of King William IV's sovereign seal and the Declaration which it represents as the founding lawfully binding agreement between the then recognised sovereign rangatira or the Confederation of Chiefs of the United Tribes of Niu Tireni (NZ) and the sovereign head of state for the British Empire His Royal Majesty King Henry William the Fourth, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Defender of the Faith as protector of NZ as an independent sovereign nation state. The Whakaputanga (NZ Declaration of Independence 1835) flag also upholds and preserves all our common law rights under the Magna Carta Treaty and the Bill of Rights which the tino rangatiratanga flag does not and will not if it is legitimized therefore what will transpire if that occurs is the further erosion and loss of our existing protective rights under the Whakaputanga flag and further lawful remedy in perpetuity that is currently available to all people of NZ will be lost and we will have less rights and be further at the mercy of the dictates of our government and the Law Society.

It is for these reasons that we would like to see further awareness around this issue. If you think that the further erosion and loss of existing civil liberties and lawful protective remedies that preserve our rights as people is an important issue that relates to the degree in which we can actually consider ourselves to be part of a real democracy and that these standards for which our ancestors in some cases have lived, fought and died to establish and protect should not be lost simply as a result of the covert means that have been employed in recent times by the corporate media acting on behalf of the corporate crown in cahoots with the Maori Party acting supposedly in the names of the people of this land.

It has been indicated by the media that the new representative Maori flag is to be announced just before Waitangi day coming and that the selected flag will be raised on Waitangi Day on the 6th of February 2010 along side the 1902 Corporate Jurisdiction Flag otherwise known generally as the NZ national flag. Not to go into to much detail here but in short what a lot of people do not fully appreciate or comprehend is that flags in law determine jurisdiction and authority.

This TVNZ article shows the flags in a photograph in which you will see that only three of the four possible flags considered for selection are shown with the tino rangatiratanga flag positioned in the centre of the image, this is no accident as it is consistent with the way in which the flag issue has been presented to date. The fourth flag not shown in the image is the Declaration of Independence 1835 flag aka the Whakaputanga flag and that is no coincidence either.

The reason it has not been shown is the same reason why if you ask 1000 people in the street if they have heard or know anything about the NZ Declaration of Independence or the first national flag of NZ which is representative of that founding documented agreement that gave birth to this country as an internationally recognized independent sovereign nation the overwhelming majority will say no I don't know what that is, when it happened, what it means, what it looks like, in fact I've never heard of it. How is it that we can all get through school and know that Hone Heke chopped down the flag pole but have no idea what flag was on the pole at the time, the reason he chopped it down and the significance of that event and the historical facts surrounding that event.

Is it unusual that Transit NZ used to fly other nations flags on the Auckland harbour bridge on specific dates to mark different nation's anniversary days that celebrate the establishment of those nations national independence respectively and yet they have never flown the NZ first national and Independence flag? Is it not even more unusual that after a request was made to Transit NZ for the Whakaputanga flag to be flown from the Auckland harbour bridge on the 25th of April 2008 and 2009 (ANZAC days) and the 28th of October 2008 and 2009 to mark both our national independence anniversaries and out of respect for the NZ soldiers who died fighting under the NZ Declaration flag during the Boer war in South Africa as part of our annual ANZAC memorial services that as a result of that request Transit NZ stopped flying all other nations flags where they used to previously and stated in reply to the request that the 1902 NZ flag would be the only flag that would now fly on the bridge?

Is there something unique and powerful represented in the DOI 1835 flag that threatens our government that they would rather people not be aware of, remember or fully comprehend? Is it something that may even put our government's lawful jurisdiction and the way our government was established as a legal (not lawful) authority into question, something that may prove our government is de-facto and that it operates as a legal fiction?

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