19 May 2012

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12yr Old Victoria Explains Banking System

Source: thestar.com

Victoria Grant is slender and leggy, twirls her hair when she’s nervous, has blue-painted toenails, and would like to be a designer when she grows up. But what started as a speech for her Grade 6 class has become a critique of Canada’s banking system and an Internet sensation.

We’re being robbed, the 12-year-old says.

“Have you ever wondered why bankers are becoming wealthier and the rest of us are not?” Victoria asks, her voice pure and clear, in a talk she’s given in Canada and the U.S. and that her dad posted on YouTube.

The transcript of the interrogation of Mr Graham F Towers, Governor of the Bank of Canada, by former mayor of Vancouver, Mr "Gerry" McGeer, KC, that was mentioned by Victoria, was published in 1939. It may be found in Volume 1 of Human Ecology by Thomas Robertson.

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