2012 - Science Or Superstition?/GH/6

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Regardless of what causes the process, the fact is that the process occurs. And it is just possible to become aware of it in one or two human lifetimes. But it seems that passed down to us from deep antiquity - and the Maya were one of the vehicles or channels to pass this knowledge down - was the knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes, and a very accurate knowledge of the rate at which it unfolds. I would say a knowledge at a scientific level of accuracy, and this is encoded and expressed in ancient myths all around the world, and is specifically encoded and expressed in the Mayan calendar. So, if there was a golden age in the past, then the ancient system of ideas would suggest that a full cycle of precession, a full cycle of almost 26,000 years would bring us back to that golden age again. They always saw a correspondence between sky and ground, so that what happens on Earth is connected to what happens in the heavens, and yes, what goes around, comes around and we are going through a great cycle of time and we find ourselves placed in a particular position on that cycle of time which, in the Mayan system, is very near the end of a whole age of the world, and the beginning of the next.