2012 - Science Or Superstition?/RB/1

From Organic Design wiki

If you have a culture that observed the sky - for whatever reason, religious or scientific - they are bound to notice over two or three generations that the position of the Sun has changed. So the awareness of precession is almost certainly known by all ancient cultures - they saw it. Now, ok, they could work out the cycle - let's say they could - but they did not know how the the stars changed because it's not only their position that changed but the tilt. So Orion would tilt, and then re-tilt back. But again, it was observable and they could work out the rate and they found that it was also 26,000 years. And it appears to me that there came a moment when they thought they understood what they called the cosmic law. And then they followed it with their monuments, their alignments, their temples, their rituals.