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The Prophecies of 2012


Narr: The Prophecies of the Maya are shared by other ancient American cultures, including the Hopi and the Inca. Psycologist and author Alberto Villoldo, has spent many years with the Peruvian elders of the Andes and has been able to bring back their warning of a catastrophic time for humanity - but also the possibility of a new golden age.

AV: Humans have become a parasite on this planet. I mean, we are committing matricide - we're killing our Mother, who supports us. The Earth is designed to support a population of under a billion people riding bicycles to work, not seven billion driving SUV's. So the prophecies speak about this time of a culling of humanity, of a harvesting of souls and of a decimation of large parts of the human race, and the beginning of a millenium of gold - of tremendous opportunity. They're very optimistic, they're very hopeful for the planet. They're not that optimistic for humanity at large. [Talk]

AV: I had a shaman tell me one time, "Alberto, we're going to miss our white brother. So they speak about a correction and a bringing back of balance to the Earth. The way that this was announced was with the wrath of our father, the Sun. They speak about the drying of the high mountain lagoons, the melting of the glaciers. This was to be the beginning of an apocalyptic era. The prophecy spoke that the planet would be set right again with a new planetary alignment that would take place. [Talk]

LEJ: The 12-21-12 prediction of the Mayan calendar is predicated on the assumption that the solar system travels around the galaxy in a predictable path and that on that particular date we will eclipse the center of the galaxy. There will be the Earth - here's the Sun - here's the center of the Milky Way. We will be cut off from a direct connection to the center of the Milky Way galaxy and we will therefore be deprived of a certain "energetic sustenance" that we require for continuing to live as we have. What could that mean?

The best description that was given to me - and I did go down to Guatemala and spend some time with Mayan shamans and they related to, when you lose power in your house, for some appliances and some functions, there's no problem - when the power comes back on, the lights go back on. But there are certain things - the VCR clock and the microwave that are thrown out of kilter, even for being cut off from that sustenance for just a second. And that is their physical explanation for the danger of this eclipse. [Talk]

AV: The timing of it means that all of the heavens will be aligned behind us to enable us to bring forth a new time into the planet - a time of possibility, of opportunity, of healing.

I attended the most recent reading of the prophecy of 1998, where they were taking the "pulse of the planet" to see where we were within the vision that had been received by the ancient ones. And in that reading of the prophecy they said that the upheaval and the turmoil was to be far greater than had been anticipated, that the possibility of cascading crises- not a single crisis, but two or three that would cascade off of each other, bringing about dramatic corrections in the Earth's climate, making parts of the planet inhospitable and uninhabitable. [Talk]

JM: I think that there is a very real possibility that around 2012 we will see a shifting of the paradigm and more people will be becoming aware of who we are, where we came from, and our place in the universe. And that would pretty much coincide with the Mayan prediction that we will be into a new age. [Talk]

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