Artificial Intelligence

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AI is slowly getting more intelligent and is being used for many things, but unfortunately most of them are awful ideas used to analyse our information to predict our every move and manipulate us for profit and power.


Big data and manipulation

Virtual assistants

Free AI online tools

Deep fakes

The "deep fake" genie is out of the bottle, people's faces are being convincingly mapped onto porn videos for revenge and profit motives, and even people's voices can be faked now. We have to be really careful in the coming years to ensure we have established methods with close friends and family to quickly know if we're really talking to them, or to a faceless AI.

Creative AI

Here's some examples of the OpenAI based Dall-e, along with the prompt that achieved the result of each.

beautiful white cat with gray stripes and blue eyes wearing tiny pink boxing gloves
Angry white cat with brown stripes wearing boxing gloves
Artists rendition of a cat with blue eyes wearing pink boxing gloves
Pinecone princess on love heart cushion

Creative AI tools


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