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Info.svg This page is a month of the year and is used to record useful information about each month relating to living on the land such as what plants are in season, what things we should be doing and what to expect from the weather and river etc.

The frogs are starting to come out of hibernation and make their noises during the evening, just a few at the moment.

We had non stop rain for five days which filled the river right up to overflowing into the forest and filled the swamp up to overflowing onto our garden only about ten metres from the house!

The "path" out.jpg River at edge of garden.jpg Toilet in the lake.jpg

At the end of the long period of rain we had our first morning of snow!

Our house in the snow.jpg Veges in the snow.jpg Huge snowball.jpg
The hill in the snow 1.jpg The hill in the snow 2.jpg Forest in the snow.jpg
Niva in the snow 1.jpg Niva in the snow 2.jpg