BitcoinPrice (Gnome extension)

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Btc price extension.png

This is my first Gnome extension which collects the current Mt Gox Bitcoin price and displays it next to the clock in the main Gnome panel. It can be installed in the usual way from the Gnome extensions site here. The code is open source and is available from our extensions repository here or our GitHub mirror here.

How it works

It checks the Mt. Gox BTCUSD ticker every two minutes which returns about 1KB of JSON encoded data from which the script extracts the current price from and places onto the main panel bar by the clock.


  • "Reload Now" button
  • Bitcoin icon to the left of the price
  • Pref for currency
  • Pref for position in the panel (left, centre, right)
  • Pref for update period
  • Pref for data source (Blockchain, MtGox, Bitstamp, BTC-E etc)

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