Both 3-space and 3-time exist

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According to David Wilcock
  • 3+1 and 1+3 both exist. Note similarity:

RST universe of motion shows motion to have two inversely-related, but isomorphic aspects. Expressed in terms of GA, 3-space is pseudoscalar whereas 3-time is only observable from our material frame of reference as a scalar. This is because it is transformed from 3-time + 1-space domain into a virtual space (analog of imaginary space) by observations from our "physical" domain.

The transformation is via the nexus between the two domains, i.e. singularity. 1-space or 1-time is only apparently 1-D because it is transformed into scalar.

In GA, the imaginary number [math]i[/math] has an operational function of duality. - transform a pseudoscalar 3-space into a scalar virtual space and v. versa.

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