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I started seeing a lot of what looked like chemtrails when I was in Curitiba, they're different than normal contrails which disappear about ten to twenty plane lengths behind the plane. They're also usually made by planes that are very high so that they can barely be seen. The first photo below is a short of a particularly large "chemtrail" I took in Curitiba which was highlighted by the setting sun.

When we got to the land we thought we'd seen the last of them, but no, they're still here quite a lot. But I did start to notice some things that make me think they're actually just normal contrails because practically all commercial jet liners now using turbofans as well as the possibility of atmospheric changes occurring over the last few decades. I believe this because I've now see a lot of them that have changed between the long-lasting spreading kind and the normal disappearing kind across different parts of the sky but made by the same plane.

I managed to get a shot of one of the planes yesterday that was making the trails and was too high too see with the naked eye. But with 50x zoom I was able to get a reasonable look at the plane, and it seems to me to match pretty well with the planes the local airlines use. Here's the photo I took alongside a photo from a similar angle of an Airbus A320 which is used extensively by the local Brazilian airlines such as TAM. One of the reasons they may seem so high is actually because they're a lot smaller than an international airliner. The Airbus pictured here is missing the wingtip devices you can see in my photo, but most of the more recent planes, including ones I've flown on here, have these now as you can see on this A320.

Curitiba-sunset-chemtrail.jpg High altitude trails.jpg Airbus A320 bottom view.jpg

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Lol - pilot forgot to turn chemtrails off when landing!


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