Dispute resolution

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In a trust group it is inevitable that over time there will be differing opinions amongst members and stakeholders emerging over time about how to deal with various problems that arise, or how to respond to changes in the environment within which the groups operations take place. The system the group works in alignment with needs to have procedures and best practices in place to deal with these situations. In the context of OrganicDesign, such systems are based on the platform specification and conflicts are resolved using clear definitions and processes for maintaining group alignment such as using group decision-making tools and having processes for arbitration, group splitting and group merging.

The Ricardian Contract re dispute resolution

The reliability of The Ricardian Contract pays off in the dispute resolution phase, where it can stand alone on its merits and requires no complex descriptions of PKI, digital signatures, or references to uncertain third parties to bolster its provenance. By including the keys, we can draw a couple of simple lines within the contract, asserting "this key signs that key, and that latter signs the contract. The first key is the top-level key of the individual that signed this contract. That's the whole story, mi'lud."

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