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Glossary.svg This page describes a concept which is part of our glossary

Knowledge Requirements

This outlines the explicit information requirements for the job e.g. Product/ process specifications, orders, priorities, records, QC records, other organisational documentation needs. i.e. any and all information that the user will need BEFORE they can complete the process.

Hazard Management Plan

This outlines the hazards and or risks of the job (and how to mitigate them). It is a legal requirement that the company takes steps to manage any hazards that employees may come across. Refer to the OSH Manual for more information on how to manage hazards.

Quality Assurance Plan

This describes how the user knows that they have achieved the correct quality standard for the task, i.e. the Quality assurance measures for the job. It could include things like, answering all customer e-mail enquiries within 24 hours, or installing hot water tanks according to the appropriate NZ standard. It also includes critical control points eg. temp, speed, shape, weight etc

Procedure steps


This section is the first part of the step-by-step "How to" for the task. It outlines the things that you need to do, before you begin work. For example, it could include, making sure that drop sheets are put down on the floor before you begin installation work, or making sure that you have the right letterhead paper in the printer before printing a letter to a customer, etc.


This section outlines the step-by-step "How to" of the task, in enough detail for an inexperienced person to carry out the task to the required standard. It could also include how fast the job should be done, what the time limits for the job are.

Clean up/ Finish Off

This part explains what the user needs to do after they have completed the previous "How to" steps. It could include things like making sure that the paper in the printer has been replaced with blank (not letter head) paper, picking up all waste packaging after a container has been emptied and so on.

Contingency Plans

This section outlines the contingencies (i.e. how to deal with things when they don’t go according to plan). It is particularly useful to highlight lessons learned from past mistakes here, or to point out common errors that a novice could make when carrying out the previous "How to" steps.