Connect Ubuntu system to a time capsule

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Procedure.svg Connect Ubuntu system to a time capsule
Organic Design procedure

Time capsule is an apple NAS product. You can connect to it using an ubuntu system with the following procedure

  • Make sure you have smbclient and smbfs installed, check by doing a search using synaptic package manager
  • Create Media folder in root named "capsule"
cd /media
sudo mkdir capsule
  • Create a launcher using the following script
sudo mount.cifs //"Your Friendly Time Capsule Name"/ /media/capsule -o pass=password
  • where:
    • The IP Address is the one that you assign to the Time Capsule using your Apple AirPort Utility on a Mac,
    • The 'directory' name enclosed in double quotes is the name assigned to your Time Capsule when it it set up on the Mac - see how the volume appears listed on a Mac machine to derive this,
    • /media/capsule is the name of the mount point that you selected,
    • password is replaced with whatever password you elected to use during the Airport configuration. Apple give you two options here. You can either use the same password as your Wireless Network password [generally a bad idea] or you can select a different one [obviously much more sensible].