Creating an AdminSettings.php

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Procedure.svg Creating an AdminSettings.php
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To be able to run maintenance scripts, a file called AdminSettings.php must be created which contains global variables for the username and password for the database that the instance of mediawiki uses.

The file in OD/Wikia is located in /var/www/mediawiki-[version]. The file AdminSettings.sample in the same directory is an example. Inside the file AdminSettings.php, populate the variables with the real mysql passwords for a user that has root privileges;

$wgDBadminuser      = 'wikiadmin';
$wgDBadminpassword  = 'adminpass';
$domain             = '';

Set $domain to the domain of the wiki you're running the script on (don't prepend the domain with www or wiki).

The bash commands to change the file are provided;

cd /var/www/mediawiki-[version]
cp AdminSettings.sample AdminSettings.php
nano AdminSettings.php
chmod 700 AdminSettings.php # Changing the permissions of the file

Alternatively, already created AdminSettings.php files could be copied to new instances of mediawiki.

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