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Crypto valley is the name given to a small district (Canton) called Zug (Map) in Switzerland which is becoming the "silicon valley" of the crypto world. This vision was established by Johann Gevers, the founder of Monetas who found the Swiss governmental structure to be the most decentralised in the world and the most receptive to the ideas behind crypto technology.

Johann wanted to not only base his own start-up there, but to also make Zug into an attractive centre to draw in more crypto companies and developers to build a thriving crypto-community. He also says that as a group they have more influence over local policy, because in Switzerland, local policy is strongly determined by the local stakeholders which makes it a much safer environment in which to operate a crypto business. This is especially important, given that many other countries around the world, even the US and UK, are becoming quite unfriendly towards crypto technology, because it represents a serious threat to their centralised power structures.

Crypto companies in the area

These are the crypto-related companies I've found in crypto valley so far:

Tax Payments in Cryptocurrencies

In September 2021, canton of Zug announced it was to become the first in Switzerland to take tax payments in cryptocurrencies. It's going to accept BTC and ETH.

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