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In February 2015 Beth and I attended 2015 Mahamudra retreat taught by Tilmann and Gelek. This retreat was really deep and clarified a lot of issues we've been having with our practice and motivated us to really make the most of the precious opportunity we have at the land to be able to focus on meditation as our highest priority. With Tilmann's help we've created this daily schedule which we'll try and follow every day until the next retreat in February 2016.

Time Activity Details & Notes
06:00 Get up  
06:30 Breakfast  
07:00 1hr yoga try to maintain meditative presence throughout this
08:00 Comms email, facebook, twitter, news for me, various projects for Beth
09:30 Work paid work for me (if any) various projects for Beth
11:00 1hr meditation nine-breething & shamatha/vipassana/mahamudra
12:00 Lunch break includes some relaxation time
14:00 Land work digging well, cutting grass, planting etc
16:00 ½hr meditation reading Buddhist text and then various compassion and heart types such as tonglen
17:00 Fun activity e.g. fight club, hackey sack etc
18:00 Dinner  
20:00 ½hr meditation nine-breething & shamatha/vipassana/mahamudra
20:30 Relaxation resting and talk about practice
21:00 Bed time  

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