Dell XPS M1330

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HDMI video output


For some reason my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 wouldn't connect when using the GUI bluetooth tool in the system tray, but it worked fine when connecting from the shell. First get the devices MAC address:

hcitool scan

This will yield something like the following:

00:1D:D8:93:90:3D      Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Then connect to the device with the following (note that in Jaunty you may need to install the hidd command with apt-get install bluez-compat first).

hidd --connect 00:1D:D8:93:90:3D

Some devices like the Apple wireless keyboard require a PIN number to be set up in order for the bonding process to work.


The webcam isn't working, haven't looked in to this yet.