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Info.svg This page is about the task of migrating the blog pages into a Wordpress.

Job description

I need the blog moved into a Wordpress. To test your export/import you can export say ten of the last blog items or something. The very old blog items such as 2018 Holiday in Brazil were just a single long page, so I need to edit the XML export and change those into individual posts.

You'll need to parse the XML output to get the article meta information such as title, and creation data, and also convert the wikitext into the format for importing into Wordpress. But only a small fraction of the wikitext is required, because the blog posts are quite similar in format. For example, all images are of the format [[File:<FILENAME>.jpg|<SIZE>px]], and these are either standalone or in a {{table...}} syntax which just puts them side by side but wrapping onto the next line depending on window size. There are a few right aligned images, but these could probably be dealt with manually afterwards. There are no headings or bullet lists, and the only styling at all is bold and italic.

Links: Categoristion links will need to be removed and converted to Wordpress categorisation metadata. External links will need converting to Wordpress's format (probably just HTML). Internal links will fall into two kinds: those that link to other blog items (so they'll convert into relative links in the Wordpress, i.e. with a leading slash and no http or domain parts), and those that link to other wiki pages that are not blog items. Those will become external links in the Wordpress linking back into the wiki at organicdesign.nz).


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