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If you do not select a category, group etc, but specify additional recipients emails to send to, Special:EmailArticle fails with <ea_autherror>. Does it log what it is sending anywhere on the wiki? --Sven 14:21, 11 June 2007 (NZST)

There could be an issue with the documentation on MW for this extension, it says;

This extension uses Brent R. Matzelle's phpmailer class which you can download from OrganicDesign:Class.phpmailer.php and save as a file called class.phpmailer.php in the EmailArticle directory.

Which suggests to save Class.phpmailer.php in the EmailArticle directory. The code looks like it is looking for a subdirectory of that called phpmailer.

<php> $wgPhpMailerClass = dirname(__FILE__).'/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php'; # From http://phpmailer.sourceforge.net/ </php>

I got it going by downloading the phpmailer class and installing it as a sub directory to EmailArticle, I also noticed that the file class.phpmailer.php is twice as big in this download as the version on organic design --Sven

blank page, no email

I installed extension as well according to all of the instructions outlined and the extension will not send email. It goes to a blank page when I hit submit. Any suggestions email me at drclinks@gmail.com. -Mike

Is the normal mediawiki mail functionality is working such as password confirmation or watchlist changes? --Nad 00:29, 6 July 2007 (UTC)
peblusto says: this would be a perfect extension ... if i could get it working! but we also get a blank page when clicking send, and there's no outgoing email, yet other email works from the wiki, including "e-mail user". i also note that this extension only permits building a page send form for users who have confirmed their email address (doh!) otherwise it displays "...permission denied" at the bottom of the form. here's my localsettings.php lines:

<php> include ("$IP/extensions/EmailArticle/EmailArticle.php"); $wgEmailArticleGroup = "*"; $wgPhpMailerClass = "$IP/extensions/EmailArticle/class.phpmailer.php"; </php> any clues? has anyone seen this "blank page, no email send" problem and resolved it? thanx peblusto 20:25, 19 September 2007 (UTC)

There seems to be a bug preventing the pseudo-groups ("*" and "user") from working. I'll try and fix that soon, but in the mean time, you can set the group to "" to allow anyone, or a real group. --Nad 10:15, 20 September 2007 (NZST)

Add simple switch

I installed the extension on my wiki and it works nicely. I made a few small changes to make the wording nicer and to provide a $wgEmailArticleSimple global that hides all the send to group stuff, making the extension more suitable for simple use. Here is the new code. --Rob 14:23, 19 December 2007 (NZDT)

There is currently no text in this page...

Extension works fine except: there is a message appearing on the top of email body (e.g. There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title....). What's going wrong?

integrated email page extension into edit page

This is a great extension! But I have to customize it to fit my particular needs and I'm not at advanced level to customize your code. May I get some help from you?

What I need to do is:

1: I'd like the email page module to show below the edit box on edit page. Instead of a special page, it will show as a module/box o edit page below the edit box. My idea is: before the user save the page, they need to choose a recipient to send to and give notification for that article.

2: How can I make it required? If the user doesn't choose a recipient and click "save", there will be an alert to enforce the user to do it.

3:How can I make the recipient group populated after the user choose a recipient group? I mean after the user choose a group, there would be a list of each member in that group populated with checkbox and the user can choose specific member in that group to send email to?

Sorry! I have too many questions. If you can help for implement these, it would be great!

Many thanks!

Is there any budget available for this? unfortunately I don't have any time available for voluntary work. --nad 20:30, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Thanks Nad! But I dont have a budget for this and I'm trying to figure it out by myself or with some help. I'll try to pay... At this moment, I probably only need to implement the first task which is to hook your email special page to Edit page. I got an EmailPage.php like this which will hook to Edit page:

if( !defined( 'MEDIAWIKI' ) ) {
echo( "EmailPage Extension hook test\n" );
$wgExtensionFunctions[]	= 'fnEmailPage';
$wgExtensionCredits['specialpage'][] = array(
	'name'        => 'Special:EmailArticle',
	'author'      => '[http://www.organicdesign.co.nz/nad User:Nad]',
	'description' => 'Send rendered article to an email address or list of addresses',
	'url'         => 'http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:EmailArticle',
	'version'     => EMAILARTICLE_VERSION
## Set Hook:
function fnEmailPage() {
global $wgHooks;
$wgHooks['EditPage::showEditForm:initial'][] = array( 'fnEmailPageShowHook', false );
$wgHooks['UploadForm:initial'][] = array( 'fnEmailPageShowHook', true );
$wgHooks['EditPage::attemptSave'][] = array( 'fnEmailPageSaveHook', false );
$wgHooks['UploadForm:BeforeProcessing'][] = array( 'fnEmailPageSaveHook', true );
$wgHooks['BeforePageDisplay'][] = 'fnEmailPageOutputHook';
$wgHooks['LoadAllMessages'][] = 'fnEmailPageMessageHook';
require_once( 'EmailPage_body.php' );

I had hard time customizing/reorganizing your code in EmailPage_body.php into callback function fnEmailPageShowHook, fnEmailPageSaveHook. fnEmailPageOutputHook, fnEmailPageMessageHook would be for CSS output and load local messages and I dont have much problem for those two. Just wonder if I can get guidance on how I can reorganize the code in EmailPage_body.php into fnEmailPageShowHook, and fnEmailPageSaveHook. If I have to pay for this, would you please let me know your rate for this at: phpnew09@yahoo.com. Thanks!

I don't have any time available at the moment, but I'll pass it by some others who may be interested in taking it on --nad 07:21, 28 July 2009 (UTC)