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The idea of SimpleDatabase is to have a formal idea of a record which can be emdeded into articles. The Special:SimpleDatabase page allows records to be selected and rendered as a sortable and filterable table which allows direct updating of data.

A record is a single set of key value pairs defined using the record template which can take any number of named parameters and is designed to render as a row in a table so that a selection of articles each having a transcluded record can be rendered like a database or spreadsheet table.

The record template itself is considered abstract and is to be used within other templates which would define named parameters specific to its type by transcluding the record template. The selection list offers a drop-down list of all the different types of record, which is all items that directly transclude the record template. All the resultant articles are those which transclude the selected record-type article, but do not themselves transclude the record template.

Each record type can specify a list of forms which are able to act on it. Links to these actions show up in the rendered rows which, when clicked, bring up the form in a wiklet allowing the row to be updated ajaxly.

Semantic MediaWiki

Currenlty Semantic MediaWiki is the best approach to handling structured data in a MediaWiki, rather than introducing the record-type, it may be best to use templates with semantic annotations. SimpleDatabase could render ajax links in the rows which link to a SemanticForm interface to the row article rather than SimpleForms edit interface.


What is this extension's status? I may just need something as "simple" as this if it can do what I want, which is to pull in a tabular list of fields from separate articles (with wiki or HTML markup) and compile a table of each result in either rows or columns (as on my 3D game comparison table). Can SimpleDatabase do this? I've tried Semantic Forms and it's close but doesn't seem to be able to output tables. DPL is too confusing and complicated to use, unfortunately, but I think it can do what I want. I'm looking for a simpler option... -Eep² 17:54, 24 July 2007 (NZST)

This extension is designed to work in conjunction with DPL. I won't have time to work on this for a while, I have a lot of problems to fix on other extensions and also have to earn money. --Nad 19:40, 24 July 2007 (NZST)