Fixing JW's power cable

From Organic Design wiki

Don't spend $100 on a new cable when your current one is broken, do a quick hack job :-)

First chop the plug off from the cable and cut off all the plastic revealing just the internal metal plug unit.

JW Cable 1.jpg

Next strip the wires on the end of the cable and "tin" them by heating them up with a soldering iron and saturating them with solder, then they can be soldered together with a solid strong joint as shown in the following images.

JW Cable 2.jpg     JW Cable 3.jpg     JW Cable 4.jpg    

And then finally wrap insulating tape around the joint tightly. Wrap the tape around the inner connection first so that they're insulated from each other.

JW Cable 5.jpg     JW Cable 6.jpg     JW Cable 7.jpg    

The final result looks pretty rough, but is safe and should do the trick ;-)

JW Cable 8.jpg