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A classical form is a document that has blank areas within it which are designed to be filled in, for example a tax form or application form for a service. The idea of a form is to help in the process of gathering required information by ensuring that all required information will be included in a consistent manner which is more easily processed and less error-prone.

Desktop and web applications make heavy use of the electronic equivalent of a form using a number of different types of input component, the most basic of which are a part of the HTML Internet standard. The types of inputs allow for entering free-form text, selecting from pre-arranged lists of items or ticking yes/no options. More advanced input components known as "widgets" can be included in forms for more specific types of data such as dates, colours or locations.

In wiki organisation, forms also play a more specific role tying in with templates and queries which is discussed in more detail in templates, forms and queries.

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